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                                 Christmas Eve Fun


              Meet Sunny; he is a bird with a big personality. He has two little friends, Boots and Baby, who are cute as can be. They do everything together and are inseparable it seems. It’s like they even share each other's dreams. So when this odd box suddenly appeared, they were all quite curious and thought it was weird… What was it and what could it be? Read to find out, it’s a mystery…





                                                                         Best Buds


                 Meet Sunny; he's a bird… not a very large bird, but he has a big personality. He has a huge cage so that he can move around with plenty of room. He gets fresh water and food every day. He also has several perches to sit pretty on and many toys so he can play. He even has a mirror that he sings to. But Sunny is blue… Until one day… Oh my! Who could it be? Read to find out, what makes Sunny truly happy.





Sorry ... these titles are no longer in print at this current time.

However you can purchase them as Kindle editions...

 Titles include; 

Robin Bird and Chick-a-Dee Dee's Journey for Truth & Don't Be a Bully,

Hoover's Day Out,

Buddy's Play Date Day,

The Amazing Manny,

& A Trip for Manny... 

                         I dedicate these books to the following:

       God, my family, Eric, Faith, Matt, Joseph, Abigail, Jake, Leon, Ryland, my Mom, Dad and all my friends.    


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