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                                                                         Best Buds



           Meet Sunny; he's a bird… not a very large bird, but he has a big personality. He has a huge cage so that he can move around with plenty of room. He gets fresh water and food every day. He also has several perches to sit pretty on and many toys so he can play. He even has a mirror that he sings to. But Sunny is blue… Until one day… Oh my! Who could it be? Read to find out, what makes Sunny truly happy.





                                    A Trip fir Manny


           Meet Manny. He is our Guinea Pig, and he just found out that he is going on a trip! I wonder how he's going to get there? Maybe Manny could walk or hike, take a plane or train? What will he decide? We shall see...



              The Amazing Manny...


          Meet Manny. He is our Guinea Pig, and we love him very much. We snuggle him, feed him and play with him every day. But Manny is a special Guinea Pig, and he can do amazing things.


          Could he be an artist, a super hero or even win a marathon? Is he a King of a castle, or a famous musician in a band?


      Read, to find out. What makes him so amazing.




                         Robin Bird and Chick-a-Dee Dee's,

                                                     Don't be a Bully!!!                                                

            In this story Robin Bird and Chick-a-Dee Dee, live in a Valley. They have been friends for a very long time and believed in always being kind to one another. However sadly, this was about to change, when a new arrival was born in The Valley.

           It was a new Baby Bird. Oh how wonderful all the little birds thought to themselves. They played many different games and then decide to fly. However there was one problem. Baby Bird had never flown before, or even tried.

            "Well then," Chick-a-Dee Dee exclaimed. "We shall teach you!"

          All was going well until one day everyone decided to tease Baby Bird and call him names. He raced home with tears in his eyes. Oh what had Robin Bird and Chick-a-Dee Dee done? They knew of God's law, to treat everyone with kindness...

                            How were they ever going to make it right again?


             Robin Bird and Chick-a-Dee Dee's 

                 Journey for Truth...             


       It all takes place in a secret Valley, where all that dwells there are birds. It was to be a sweet place until there was a drought. Robin Bird is very upset that his dear friend Chick-a-Dee Dee and all the birds were hungry.

        Robin Bird got a wonderful idea. There was one family of birds in The Valley that were not affected by the weather. That was King Blue Jay.

       So Robin Bird would steal into the night when everyone was asleep and fly up into the Old Oak reaching The King Blue Jay’s Palace.

           After finding food and everyone’s bellies are full, Robin Bird then tells his little friend what he’s done. Chick-a-Dee Dee becomes very upset because it’s not God's law to steal, even in hard times. So what will they do to make it right again?

                                          This is where their journey begins...



      Buddy's Play Date Day...


 This little story focuses on the ride to Play Date Day. Play Date is a Doggy Daycare, where Buddy goes to run and play with other pups.


We will get a peek into his thoughts, and the excitement going through his mind as he reaches his destination… What will he do? Who will he meet?


    But most of all what fun is to be had?




             Hoover's Day Out!

 This story is about a little dog named Hoover. Not just any dog but a playful little pup! He wears a bright purple collar, with a shiny gold tag that tells where he lives.

           He goes out on his leash every day. But wants to romp and play  with the other animals. When the door is left open, he decides to sneak out and make a day of it!

           What will he do? What trouble will he get into? Will he make it home? We shall see.

                            This is Hoover’s Day out!








                         I dedicate these books to the following:

       God, my family, Eric, Faith, Matt, Joseph, Abigail, Jake, Leon, Ryland, my Mom, Dad and all my friends.    


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